Naiyana Garth- Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom actor Idris Elba’s girlfriend

Naiyana Garth Idris Elba girlfriend 2013 images

Meet Naiyana Garth she is the expecting girlfriend of the amazing multi-talent actor Idris Elba who portrays The great Nelson Mandela in the 2013 film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, which was released on November 29, 2013, less than a week before Nelson Mandela.

For 41-year-old Idris Elba the opportunity to portrayed a great person such as Nelson Mandela was a tremendous experience, huge honor and a role from which he   learn so much, it was heartbreaking for him just as it was for the rest of the world  to hear about the passing of Nelson Mandela who died at 95 on December 5th, 2013.

Putting this sad event on the side, we can tell you that Idris has also many things to feel happy about he is not just a great actor, singer, producer, author.

Dormowa Sherma Idris elba ex wife

Idris Elba daughter

But the greatest achievement id to be the proud father of his beautiful daughter Isan the gorgeous girl he had with his now ex-wife Dormowa Sherma, Isan lives in Atlanta, and Idris lives in London, but he flies every chance he has to Atlanta so he can be with her. Isan will soon be a big sister, you see Idris and his new girlfriend Naiyana Garth are expecting!!

Naiyana Garth bioNaiyana Garth Idris Elba girlfriend 2013 pics

Idris’ Pretty gal and soon to-be baby mama Naiyana Garth is a talented, experience makeup artist with some a-list clients of her own, like Toyah Wilcox , Aamir Khan, Caprice, Callun Best, Andy Day, Sally Phillis, Nigel Lythgoe and the list goes on.

And Naiyana has been working with Esquire, The Sun, UKTV, BBC, ITV, Fashion T.V, Universal Records, Models One, Fascinating Aida, Storm, etc.

“Naiyana is an experienced ambitious and professional Hair and Make up artist with four years full training and years of varied experience in the industry.

Her extensive training covered Fashion, Film, TV, Hairdressing, Body painting, Special effects/Prosthetics and Wig dressing.

“Over the years she has built up a solid portfolio and fantastic working relationships. Through her work she conveys her creative talent, attention to detail and ability to produce work of only a highly professional standard.”

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