Mujah Maraini-Melehi: Daniel McDonald’s Wife/ Jennifer Aniston’s Ex Boyfriend


Mujah Maraini-Melehi is firing back at actress Jennifer Aniston after the Friends actress claimed Mujah’s husband “would have been the one”!

Mujah was married to late actor Daniel McDonald who sadly died in 2007 from brain cancer.


It sounds like out of a bad movie but the link here begins when a young Aniston dated Daniel for a total of five years. Aniston who is in a happy relationship with Justin Theroux, recently said during an interview Daniel was her first love.


An outraged Mujah has fired back on social media with an angry statement that starts with “Please respect our love and especially our Loss”


Mujah and Daniel were married from 1999 till his death in 2007, the couple had two children together. Mujah and her children appear on the cover of his album “True Love.”


Mujah who met Daniel while filming “Steel Peer” found love again and recently tied the knot to Luca Aureggi. According to her Facebook profile she and her new husband now live in Italy.

What do you think of Mujah’s comments of Aniston?