Madalina Ghenea- Michael Fassbender’s New Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

michael_fassbender_Madalina Ghenea

You already know who is the sexy Madalina Ghenea, that is because she once dated Leonardo DiCaprio and she also dated Gerard Butler.

 madalina-ghenea-leonardo-dicaprio pic

madalina-ghenea-leonardo-dicapriomadalina-ghenea gerard butler picturemadalina-ghenea gerard butler pic
madalina-ghenea gerard butler pics

It looks like Madalina might be dating another sexy actor, according to E!  Madalina Ghenea and Michael Fassbender are so dating!!

Madalena dated Leonardo DiCaprio in 2011, like many of Leo’s relationship this only lasted for a few months, in September, 2012 it was reported she was dating Gerard Butler, but they  split up a few months ago.

Madalina Ghenea Michael Fassbender pic

25-year-old Madalina Ghenea was born Madalina Diana Ghenea on August 8th, 1988 in Slatina,Romania, she is currently living in Milan, Italy. Madalina is the oldest child of a veterinarian mother and a hard working father who has to live in Liman to feed his family. Ms. Ghenea’s career in showbiz began at an early age, as a child she was in the television show Tip Top Minitop and at 15she was modeling for Gattinoni in Milan, Romania, Austria, Japan, South Africa, Spain and France.

Madaline took piano and ballet lessons for 7 years, she graduated from Ion Minulescu in Slatina and then attended at the Faculty of Psychology and social Science in Bucharest. She took baack her modeling carreer as appeared in ads all over the world for Lovable, Peroni, New Yorker, La Perla, Lise Charmel, Max Well, Primadonna, Quelle, Von Dutch, Lascana, Parah, Grimaldi Mare, Lomar, Borghetti, Lepel, Hunlemoller among others. She is spokesmodel for TRE-Italy mobile, DEHA and Mile Miglia.

For me Madalina became a familiar face from Eros Ramazzotti’s music video Il Tempo Tra di Noi, released in October, 2007, in case you  don’t know who is Eros, he is the  famous Italian singer. In 2011 she made her acting debut in Alessandro Gassman’s 2013 film Razza Bastarda, also in 2013 she starred next to Jude Law in the  comedy Dom Hemingway as Paolina, this year  she will be on the Italian t.v series Borgia as Dorotea Malatesta.

So is Madalena Ghenea really dating Michael Fassbender, they met at the Toronto Film Festival last September, and E! is  basing their report on this photo posted by Madalena

Madalina Ghenea Michael Fassbender photos

They suggest that because of the red mustache that guy could be Fassbender, some people left her comments on Facebook suggesting the same others thought it was Gerard. Madalena told them it was not Butler, but remained silent when Fassbender’s name was mentioned.

Madalena Ghenea facebook picMadalena Ghenea facebookMadalena Ghenea facebook pics
Madalena Ghenea facebook picture

So  is it Fassbender then?I don’t know you tell me



It seems to me the guy’s nose with Madalena is too big,

Fassbender ghenea pic

Fassbender ghenea

But not just  because of that pic, they have been spotted together

michael_fassbender_Madalina Ghenea picturemichael_fassbender_Madalina Ghenea pictures

michael_fassbender_Madalina Ghenea photomichael_fassbender_Madalina Ghenea pic michael_fassbender_Madalina Ghenea pics

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