Louise Newbury Bill Paxton’s Wife

Louise Newbury

Louise Newbury,  beautiful and incredible second wife of actor Bill Paxton. Mrs. Newbury Paxton is also the proud momma of his two children Lydia and James. James is a promising handsome actor known for his role as Lukas Waldenbeck in Eyewitness.

Louise Newbury’s hubby Bill, was born in Texas, to businessman and actor John Paxton. An old photograph of him as a child that marked him was when as an eight-year-old boy he was lifted above the crowd so he could see President Kennedy, just minutes after he was assassinated.

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Bill became famous for his roles in The Terminator, Aliens, True Lies, Titanic, Weird Science, Tombstone, Apollo 13, Mighty Joe Young, Twister, Nightcrawler, HBO’s Big Love among others.

As previously noted, Bill Paxton twice married, father of two. He first married Kelly Rowan on October 2, 1979, they had no children and eventually divorced on July 22, 1980.


Subsequently on May 12, 1987, Bill married Louise Newbury. She gave birth to her eldest son James Paxton on February 23, 1994.


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Young James decided he wanted to follow his father’s steps, reason why he moved to London and studied Literature and British Film, he came back to the US and enrolled at Vincent Chase Workshop in L.A.


The Paxtons have another child, their charming daughter Lydia was born on December 9, 1997. Bill Paxton said he met his wife Louise when she was 17 on a bus.

“I met her on a bus and pursued her for weeks. She was only 17, so we carried on a trans-Atlantic romance for five years