Lindsay Goodstein Milo Gibson’s

Lindsay Goodstein

Milo Gibson is the pretty girlfriend of actor Milo Gibson. He is one of the sons of actor Mel Gibson and his ex-wife Robyn Moore. Milo is following his father’s steps and he too is an actor. The younger Gibson plays the character of Lucky Ford in his father’s 2016 film Hacksaw Ridge, alongside Andrew Garfield, Teresa Palmer and Hugo Weaving among others.

As previously mentioned, Lindsay’s beau Milo Gibson was born in 1990 to Mel Gibson and Robyn Gibson (nee. Moore). Mel and Robyn already had five children before Milo came into their lives, Hannah (b. 1980) twin sons Edward (b. 1982), Christian (b. 1982), William (b. 1985), Louis (b. 1988).

Milo also has one younger brother Thomas born in 1999, younger sister Lucia born October 30, 2010 from his dad’s relationship to Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva and the newest Gibson child, from his dad’s relationship to the lovely Rosalind Ross.

Besides his role in Hacksaw Ridge, Milo will play the role of Chad in Brendan and Emmett Malloy’s 2016 movie, The Tribes of Palos Verdes. Provided that, one of his father’s most appealing qualities are his striking eyes, you will be pleased to know that Milo Gibson inherited Mel’s piercing blue eyes, although, you all should know that he is not single.

As a matter of fact he is pretty much in love with his girlfriend Lindsay Goodstein.

Lindsay Goodstein

Ms. Goodstein, holds a bachelor of arts and a bachelor’s degree in communications and media studies from The University of California, Santa Barbara. Works as a DJ at the Dollar Girls Club, a sales representative at Mayne Pharma and investment consultant for Eco-Futures, Inc.- Sanctuary Belize Project.

Back in 2009, she was a radio broadcaster for Soma Radio; subsequently, Lindsay worked for Aerocrine and Inventiv Health as a sales service representative from January to October, 2014.