Karen Brown- Peter O’Toole’s Longtime Girlfriend

Peter O'Tole girlfriend Karen Brown

With heavy hearts we introduce you to Karen Brown aka Karen O’Toole who has been the longtime girlfriend of the amazing actor Peter O’Toole who passed away on December 14,  at a hospital in London  following a long illness at the age of 81.

British actor Peter O’Toole became famous for his role in the 1962 film Lawrence Of Arabia, Peter enlighten us with his magnificent performance, charm and talent, his latest film Mary, where he stars as Symeon along great names suck as Ben Kingsley, and Julia Ormond will be released next year.

Peter is survived by his beloved daughters Kate and Patricia  O’Toole from his marriage to Welsh actress Sian Phillips and son Lorcan O’Toole from his longtime relationship with former model Karen Brown.

Peter O’Toole beloved girlfriend Karen Brown  was a well-known model in the 80’s back in those days Karen was known as Karen Brown Somerville, she met the famous Troy actor in 1981, they moved in together in 1982.

63-year-old Karen gave birth to the couple first and only son Lorcan Patrick O’Toole on April 17, 1983, in Ireland; Peter was 50 at the time.

It is believe Peter and Karen eventually got married, but in secret due to Ireland’s arcane marriage/divorce laws, but the relationship didn’t last and they split up in 1988 the same year O’Toole sued Karen for custody of Lorcan. Karen now known as Karen Dempsey had another child a daughter Morgan Brown who without a doubt inherited her mom’s impressive good looks.

Morgan Brown Karen Brown Dempsey daughter pic

Morgan Brown Karen Brown Dempsey daughter photo

Morgan lives in Cali and owns her interior design business called Morgan Brown Design; and as  for Karen, she lives in Aiken South Carolina.