Kacey Jordan Charlie Sheen’s Pregnant actress

Kacey Jordan

Kacey Jordan is the adult film actress who had sex with actor Charlie Sheen who was already aware he was HIV, but didn’t mention it to her during their night together where even though they used protection she ended up pregnant. Kacey who terminated the pregnancy said she has been tested and was given the all-clear, but even so people think she may have contracting, which has had a negative impact on her career, Kacey filed for bankruptcy in February, 2013.

Kacey Jordan, was one of five prostitutes that received $30,000 from Charlie Sheen to spend the infamous drug-fueled 36-hour bender that send the actor to the ER and treated for addiction. Kacey said that they used a condom, but it broke and she became pregnant.


Kacey who considers herself lucky for not have contracted HIV, believed the other girls weren’t so lucky.


The funny thing is there’s four girls that have been seeing him that have stopped shooting p*rn recently, I think they might have contracted HIV but obviously I’m not going to go and ask them and they would never admit it – it’s not something you want to tell people.”

Kacey Jordan born Courtney Roskop in Austin. Texas on March 28, 1988, grew up between Salem, Lake Oswego and Portland. She attended Lakeridge High School between 2003 and 2004 before she transferred to North Salem High School.

Before going into the adult film industry, Kacey worked at retails stores and local tanning salons. College was not part of her plan after she graduated from high school since she wanted to pursue a career as an actress.