Judy Falzone- Michael Clarke Duncan’s Sister

Judy Duncan Falzone Michael Clarke Duncan sister

The Green Mile actor Michael Clarke Duncan died last September after he suffered a heart attack on August 3rd, Clarke Duncan was dating the apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault who saved his life by performing CPR, but Manigault was not the only ladies in his life his mother Jean Duncan who raised him and his sister Judy played an important role in his life.

Duncan’s sister also known as Judy Falzone allegedly asked Omarosa for his brother‘s money and some personal items, but Manigault doesn’t have control of any of it, so she told Judy she had to call the Trustee of the estate, after all of his money is controlled by his attorneys and executors, who had a trust fund for Michael’ mom Jean, which Judy can’t touch.

But Judy didn’t believe Omarosa and threatened her to cut her of her mom’s life unless she gets the cash.

“His estranged sister, Judy Falzone, called me right after Michael died asking for money and personal items of Michael. I told her she has to speak to the Trustee of the estate.”

“She said she was cutting me off from his mother unless she got money immediately from the estate. I could not believe she was trying to leverage access to Michael’s mother to get more money from the will!”

“Michael’s sister will not allow me to see Michael’s mother now or talk to her on the phone because she wants money and it is just devastating and cruel. It is not right for her to cut me off from his mother just because she is displeased about how much money she got in his will. I am truly concerned about his mother’s care and well being. I pray that his mother is being well cared for. Michael was adamant about that.”

According to sources Michael was estranged from his sister Judy Falzone for years, and didn’t want to leave a penny, however because she is their mother’s caretaker he left Falzone $100.000.

Judy Duncan Falzone Biography.-

60-year-old Judy Falzone was born Judith Ann Duncan on Judith Ann Duncan on May 7th, 1952 in Chicago, IL to her mother 80-year-old Jean F. Duncan and her father who walked away from her and her family when Judy was 11 and Michael was 5. Jean raised her children by herself.

Years passed, Michael became an actor and Judy Duncan got married to 49-year-old Richard Falzone, she is now known as Judy Falzone.

Judy and Richard Allen Falzone welcome their daughter Lydia A. Falzone now 25 and proud mommy of her adorable daughter Madison.

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