Joan Clayton Lee is Lee Stan Lee Wife

Joan Clayton

Meet Joan Clayton Boocock, loving wife of the amazing Stan Lee. In previous years, she was a red-headed model and said to be the muse behind Peter Parker’s girlfriend, Mary Jane. She advised him early on to give his heroes more human being qualities, such as uncertainty, which was a break away from the standard at that time.

He married Joan Clayton Boocock on December 5, 1947, and in 1949, the couple bought a two-story, three-bedroom home at 1084 West Broadway in NY, on Long Island, living there through 1952.By this time, the couple had daughter Joan Celia “J.C.” Lee, born in 1950;

The couple enjoyed going to eat at Madeos restaurant in Los Angeles.

Joan Clayton

Joan Lee gave birth to Stan’s two daughters; Joan Celia ‘J.C.’ Lee in 1950, and Jan Lee, who died three days after delivery in 1953.

The two met on Madison Avenue; and lived near an antique shop for a year before they got pregnant. She knew so many people in the neighborhood. They moved to Long Island. He always thought of her as a popular and beautiful lady. All men were around her but the rest of the women weren’t jealous of her because everybody knew she was an incredible woman!

They had a second child; Jen but died a couple of hours after she was born. The couple surely spoiled the only child left. Then they moved to another house, they always bought the cheapest house in a nice neighborhood. They knew they had to live in the right place, they stayed there for 25 years, the couple had pets, mostly dogs.

Joan Clayton

Joan and Stan, lived all these years very happy and you can tell that since they are always seen together. This is the kind of couples one looks after…

Joan Lee, was 93 when she died on July 6, 2017, a few days after suffering a stroke.