Jamie Gilbert- Strictly Come Dancing Rachel Riley’s Husband

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For those about to dance, we salute you. See on Strictly Come Dancing, Rachel Riley’s Husband

Jamie Gilbert, whom she met when studying mathematics at Oriel College.

To get ready for their first dance at the wedding party she had a strong one-hour session with Izabela Dance, a professional who appeared in series three of Strictly.

So he got many chances to win!

Rachel married her longterm partner Jamie Gilbert. He is a millionaire from Oxford. They broke up in 2009 soon after she replaced Carol Vorderman on the gameshow, but got together in 2011.

He said then:
It was only when we were walking down the stairs to the ceremony that I got a bit nervous.

She added:

As soon as I saw Jamie, I was waiting for his reaction to my dress.

As Rachel lived peacefully with her parents in Essex, 26-year-old Jamie Gilbert lives on an expansive East Sussex estate and drives a £250,000 maroon Lamborghini Murcielago! So opposites attract, once more confirmed.

Jamie loves hockey and is an intellectual guy too. As Charterhouse-educated Jamie joined Mensa at the age of 13 after scoring 173 on an IQ test!

Jamie studied classics and now works for his father David’s high-end computer company, Powerdesk,

which began by integrating PCs into high end furniture such as desks, coffee tables and kitchen surfaces but now markets a remote-control tool that keeps computer boxes and peripherals such as printers from cluttering up your desk.

The Gilberts have made a lot of money from the big business, and lately sold their former Surrey home to celebrity couple Ashley and Cheryl Cole for £3.5million.

But Jamie also admires his wife:

Rachel will become a household name once her first Countdown episode is broadcast.

She’s wonderful at maths. I never understood her work at university – it all looked like random squiggles to me.

He was also a young chess champ but gave it up

when we had to start competing against computers.

His Twitter here.