Irmelin Indenbirken Leonardo DiCaprio’s mother

Meet Irmelin Indenbirken

Irmelin Indenbirke is Leonardo DiCaprio’s mother. We are sure she’s a very proud mom, having a Hollywood star as a son, and one of the world’s most eligible bachelors.

However, her son, revealed recently –ahead of his big night at the Globes –saying it is not wealth and success what makes him happy. He told the Daily Telegraph as long as he can ensured he’s lived an interesting life and contributed something to the world, its all that matters.

Who would have thought of a man who’s dated the worlds mots beautiful women and who’s starred in box office hit after box office hit –more recently The Revenant, for which he is nominated for what could be, his third Gold Globe.

Reality is, at 41, Leonardo is still a single man but we are sure no matter who’s the next in line, his mother will always be the number one woman in his life.


Irmelin Indenbirken was born in 1943 in Oer-Erkenschwick, Germany. She was married to Leonardo’s father, George DiCaprio until 1975, but it is not clear when they were married exactly.

According to The Guardian, George DiCaprio, is half-Bavarian and half-Italian.

It has been reported she named him Leonardo because she was pregnant and looking at a Da Vinci painting in a museum when he first kicked.



Irmelin Indenbirken has been with Leo on every step of his career, and he’s always has made sure she’s taken care of. He was dubbed by Vogue, the world’s best son.

From expensive gifts to red-carpet dates, Leo would pretty much do anything for Irmelin Indenbirken.


Irmelin Indenbirken sure has enjoyed of the perks of being a Hollywood star mom.


The lovely blonde is said to be dating, a man named David Ward. According to the Daily Mail, Irmelin Indenbirken and Ward have been dating since 2012.

It was Leonardo who actually, introduced them. DiCaprio set a blind date for his mom and David and they have been together ever since.

Would Irmelin’s son ever find true love? According to Belfast Telegraph, it’s gonna have to be someone who believes in climate change! Take note ladies.

Will you be rooting for Irmelin Indenbirken’s son tonight? Would Leonardo bring his lovely mother as his date once again?