Galt Niederhoffer: Novelist and filmmaker in Nasty Arsenic Battle with Boyfriend


Acclaimed 40-year-old novelist and filmmaker Galt Niederhoffer who is a resident of New york city is making headlines but not because of her upcoming work but for something much more scandalous!

According to her bio, Galt started her own film production company, Plum Pictures, in her twenties. She has produced eleven movies, three of them Sundance Award-winners.


Recent reports indicate Galt is going through a break up and it would be an understatement to say is a bad one! The NY Post writes Galt is battling ex-beau Jonathan Gordon, the in-house counsel for Barry Diller’s IAC media company, in three Brooklyn courts. Her allegations include insanity, arsenic poisoning, serial cheating and murderous fantasies.


The Romantics writer is the mother of the couple’s toddler son and she says tried to kill her by putting arsenic in her food. Crazy! That would make a good movie huh!


Galt is the daughter of squash champ Victor Niederhoffer and she lost the custody of her 2-year-old son in January when her father agreed with Gordon that she’s loosing it!



While Gordon believes she’s crazy after falsely accusing him of cheating her father also agrees that she’s a danger to her child. Galt’s version also says her ex is trying to make her believe she’s crazy like in the film “Gaslight.”

What you’ll think?