Gabe Polsky: Jennifer Lawrence’s Director Boyfriend


Rumors of actress Jennifer Lawrence and director Gabe Polsky getting loved up are swirling around! Jen-Law was spotted earlier this week at his house! Now, before you think they were perhaps reading scripts, reports say they spent more than 5-hours in his house in Beverly Hills. Do we have a couple alert here?


35-year-old Gabriel Joseph Polsky who, worked at PR Newswire and Polsky Films is hot these days because of his hockey documentary, “Red Army.” He recently said he’ll be the first to admit he never set out to make a hockey movie; “Red Army,” is about the rise and fall of the Cold War, yet it’s jam-packed with some of the greatest moments in hockey history.


Gabe along with big brother Alan, entered the film-making business less then a decade ago, but the Chicago-reared sons of energy magnate Michael Polsky, have been described by their work as established veterans.




24-year-old Lawrence has also been linked recently to co-star Liam Hemsworth after she and musician Chris Martin split in October.

What do you think of the couple?

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