Dana Carlsen Schweiger is German Actor Til Schweiger’s Wife

Dana Schweiger, Töchter Luna, Lilly, Emma und Sohn Valentin, Til Schweiger, Svenja Holtmann, new faces award Film 2011, bcc, Berlin, 7. April 2011, Foto: Jens Hartmann / Hubert Burda Media

Meet Dana Schweiger also known as Dana Carlsen, she is the amazing and utterly beautiful wife of Til Schweiger, the German actor who starred as  Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz in “Inglourious Basterds,”, even thought Dana and Til have been separated for 8 years we still are pretty interested in knowing about this pretty gal, and why not about Til’s latest girlfriend Svenja Holtmann.


Til Schweiger’s wife and mother of his four children was born Dana Carlsen in Seattle, WA on February 29, 1968. Dana a former model for Calvin Klein, H&M holds a degree in business administration and is a certified beautician from the Esthetic Skin Care Institute in Seattle.

Dana and Til dated for two years before they got married on June 19, 1995. hat same year Dana gave birth to the couple first child Valentin Florian Schweiger on September 17. Two year later on January 11, her daughter Luna Marie was born, followed by Lilli Camille was born on July 17, 1998 and Emma Tiger born on October 26, 2002.  Til and Dana split up in 2005, but they haven’t divorce. Dana Scweiger lives in Hamburg wit her children.

Svenja Holtmann biotil-schweiger-svenja-holtmann

In 2010 Til met model Svenja Holtmann, they started dating that same year. 26-year-old German fashion model Svenja Holtmann dated Til for three years, they split up in October, 2013, it was rumored that she hoped to get married and start a family with her Filmmaker beau, but he had no plans of getting divorce.