Cindy Leon: Paul Walker On-Set Fling?


Meet Cindy Leon the woman who claims she hooked up with late Hollywood star, Paul Walker over ten-years ago. Cindy and Paul met in 2003 while filming on the set of “2 Fast, 2 Furious” in Miami. Cindy was there to be Eva Mendes’ body double on the film. At the time she reveals she was seeing both Walker and Tyrese Gybson.


Her relationship with Walker lasted a few weeks, she says at the time it felt “surreal” being with Paul and claimed he was “sweet and loving” in the bedroom.


Cindy Vanessa Leon now 30, is currently a Director of Case Management at Karns & Karns, LLP and currently living in Los Angeles. According to her LinkedIn she previously worked at Terani Law Firm and was an Intake Paralegal at Berman and Berman PA. in Boca Raton, FL. from March 2011 – July 2013.


The Florida native has moved quite a bit, residing also in NY, Virginia, Georgia and currently California.


Leon who’s Latin roots and looks helped her getting the double gig, seems quite pride of her achievement in being with Paul but says she is speaking now because Tyrese Gybson did it first during a recent interview at The View.


Flings happens all the time right! All we can say Paul had good taste! You can find her on Instagram here.