Christine Bently – Dwayne Johnson’s Co-star and Mistress??


Gorgeous 1.73 m actress Christine Bently  is starring in HBO’s upcoming series Ballers -Ballers chronicles the lives of a couple of athletes & retired athletes in Miami –and apparently she is so excited about her co-star that she might have gone too far on her comments! What is she trying to make us think?

The stunning blonde who is known for Humans Versus Zombies (2011), Shark Night 3D(2011) and Nigel & Oscar vs. The Sasquatch (2015); according to her IMDb


Told RadarOnline – Dwayne Johnson is “just as hot” off of the big screen as he is on. She continued to say

“Let me just say he has a thing for blondes,”

But Bentley who has been featured in Maxim several times, didn’t stop there

“Dwayne Johnson is a sex sex sex pot!,”

According to the report, he’s been single since his divorce in 2007 but we actually told you about his girlfriends, Lauren Hashian on another post. They have been together for a few years now. You can read it below.


Christine also assured she and 42-year-old Johnson had no problem working together and revealed he was rather flirtatious! We don’t know about you but her word are very explicit!

Earlier this year she said she was honored to have been chosen for her part in Ballers and that she was in shock after meeting Johnson because she had a secret crush on him!

She did not say what exactly had happened between them but when asked what she hoped to film with him next, she said “hopefully something in the bedroom!“

However we have a feeling she might have just be joking around! Can you say free promo? Perhaps she is just seeking for some spotlight and Johnson has plenty! Hercules brought in $29 million at the box office this weekend and Johnson’s movies have grossed over 2 billion worldwide.

25-year-old Christine is on the rise, she resides in Los Angeles. She has over 21k followers on Instagram where she says

I am a professional pretender and I like queso.