Hostess Christina Sandera Clint Eastwood’s New girlfriend




We all heard with much regret the end of the marriage between 84-year-old Hollywood icon Clint  Eastwood and his wife of 17-years Dina Eastwood.

Dina 48, filed for divorce last October citing irreconcilable differences; the reality TV star is also asking for full legal custody of their 16-year-old daughter Morgan.

But don’t feel bad for the end of his marriage with second wife, since then Clint –who last December filed a response, indicating he’s not willing to provide, his soon to be ex, TV news anchor Dina Eastwood, with maintenance, –has been spotted with at least a couple of gals.

Eastwood who claims providing for Dina will allow her to continue to live the lifestyle she’s used to, was link to Erica Tomlinson-Fisher; who used to be married to Scott Fisher, a childhood sweetheart of Clint’s ex-wife Dina. But he was recently spotted with another blonde! Or is it the same person?

According to online sources the pair were spotted grocery shopping on Sunday at Wholefoods in LA. The veteran actor who is said to be on a well deserved break from filming his new movie, was seen relaxed with his female company. The two arrived together, did the deed, loaded the car with the goods and quickly departed the premises.

Clint -who claims he took out a pre-nuptial agreement prior to their wedding in 1996 –and that their marriage ended way before Dina filed for divorce has also another side we don’t get to see that often but that Dina know pretty well as she said about their bitter divorce and soon-to-be ex-hubby

He’s probably the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. He is the sweetest, he is a loving, kind, low-key person

Now, that sweet, loving, kind guy seems to be very into this new gal in the picture! She is not exactly a pretty-young-thing (he’s much smarter than that) she is more like a seasoned beauty, you can check Clint’s new friend here

We recently heard that the blonde with Clint is Christina Sandera, a 50-year-old hostess from his Mission Ranch Hotel. Christina J. Sandera born in 1963. She currently lives in Carmel, before that she lived


Christina Sandera can now be confirmed as the new gal in the life of Clint Eastwood. The couple looked dashing last night at the 87th Annual Academy Awards and Sandera proved she is definitely red carpet material.



The blonde looked right in her element as she walked by the arm of the 84-year-old iconic director. Sandera wore a navy blue gown, her hair down and of course diamonds around her neck wore in a simple but elegant way. They both looked very happy.