Caitlin Cronenberg- Robert Pattinson’s New Girlfriend


Oh oh! Kirsten Stewart look away!!! Major heartthrob and former favorite on screen vampire Robert Pattinson has been spotted with his new flame!!! Can you see who the mystery/lucky lady is?? Don’t panic since we are dying to know we’ll tell you!

A source on E! Revealed the mystery girl who met up with Robert on a double date with pal Jesse Eisenberg and his lady and Rob’s costar Mia Wasikowska earlier this week in Toronto, was none other than Caitlin Cronenberg!


Although is still a little hard to identified, this couple alert would not be hard to believe and not really new! Rob and Caitlin have some history after all; they first got closer back in 2011 while Rob was filming “Cosmopolis” with her director father. At the time Rob was accused of cheating on Kirsten with Caitlin! But romors of that flame were dismissed since he kept his once solid relationship going.

So now, we ask; where the connection comes from?? Well Caitlin’s dad, David Cronenberg is the director on Rob’s latest actor gig “Maps to the stars”

Caitlin was born October 27, 1984; she is the daughter of atheist Canadian filmmaker David and her mother is Cronenberg’s second wife, Carolyn Zeifman. Cailtin has a brother, Brandon and an older sister from her father’s first marriage, Cassandra Cronenberg.

Caitlin who is a pro at taking pictures currently has on display a snapshot of Robert on her personal website, that you can look below; so its really safe to say they have been working together at least. She graduated from Ryerson University with a degree in Fashion Design but photography was her passion since she was a child.

caitlin cronenberg home

In July 2010, Caitlin Cronenberg self-published her first book of photography, POSER, a collection of nude portraits. The book was released to critical acclaim and has been selling consistently in major and independent book stores across the country. She also gained major recognition for her project displaying the changes women go through when diagnosed with MS.

Caitlin Cronenberg-picdavid-cronenberg-caitlin

Caitlin Cronenberg-photo


She moves between New York and hometown Toronto; her twitter feed reads

Take your picture for a pickle…

You can follow her on twitter here. Do you think they are only close friends or could Caitlin be Rob’s next love saga???