Allie Teilz- Joaquin Phoenix’s New Girlfriend [PHOTOS]

Allie Teilz Joaquin  Phoenix girlfrien_image

In case any of you girls were think what’s up with Joaquin Phoenix’s romantic life or whether or not is available, I must tell you that he is not single, his new girlfriend Allie Teilz a sort of known DJ was spotted with the famous actor wearing matching outfits at LAX.


Allie Teilz Joaquin  Phoenix girlfriend_image

Joaquin Phoenix is 39 and his new and much younger girlfriend Allie Teilz is 20, and she is not that sort of girls that is 20 but loos in her early 30’s Allie is and looks 20 well at least most of the time, I don’t how she did to fooled people into believing she is not 20 when she used to lied about it.

Allie Teilz Joaquin  Phoenix girlfrien_pics Allie Teilz Joaquin  Phoenix girlfrien_picture

Allie Teilz Joaquin  Phoenix girlfriend-image Allie Teilz Joaquin  Phoenix girlfriend pic Allie Teilz Joaquin  Phoenix girlfrien_images
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‘I had a complete double life and lied about my age, obviously, but I was really getting involved in the music world and starting to meet people.

‘It wasn’t a good world for me being as young as I was.

‘I felt an extreme disconnect with the world because everyday there would be a huge arena show and so many people involved who would build this thing up and then I’d watch them build it down and it would be like it never existed.’

Allie Teilz Joaquin  Phoenix girlfriend imageAllie Teilz Joaquin  Phoenix girlfriend-images

Arizona born Allie a DJ at The Embassy, currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Allie worked as DJ at local clubs in New York when she was 16, she also work production for arena shows in Vegas and Palm Springs. Some people think of Allie Teilz as a Madonna look-a-like what do you think??

Allie Teilz Joaquin  Phoenix girlfriend-pic

You can find her on Facebook here