Who is actress Paz de la Huerta’s Boyfriend?

Model and actress Paz de la Huerta was born September 3, 1984. The actress who is known for roles including The Cider House Rules and a Walk to Remember; is equally known for her boozy antics, uncensored interviews, and propensity for stripping naked.

Most recently the 31-year-old actress filed a lawsuit against Lionsgate for $55 million, claiming a 2011 accident left her unable to work and permanently hurt.

TMZ has obtained footage of the moment where Paz was left with a broken back.  She had to have surgery to correct a spinal fracture.

TMZ says she has filed a $55 million lawsuit against the makers of 2013’s Nurse 3D for ruining her career. In the lawsuit, Paz claims that it all started years ago when she was shooting a scene for the movie. An ambulance was supposed to speed on by her, but something went wrong and it clipped her instead. She suffered a spinal fracture and vowed to file a worker’s comp complaint. That threat caused the movie’s director to bring an actress to dub her voice in several scenes including the ambulance scene.

She filed a lawsuit against production company Lionsgate at the time seeking damages for negligence. But it hit back claiming she had already been compensated for the accident.

The Boardwalk Empire star has now filed the new lawsuit accusing director Doug Aarniokoski and an ambulance driver of harming her career.

Paz wants $55 million to cover lost earnings, which she puts at $2 million a year, plus punitive damages.


Despite the fact that the $10 million-budget movie bombed on release, the actress also wants the director to re-dub it with her voice.

The New York actress has made seven films, including Bare, which played at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York in April, along with two episodes of TV series Eagleheart.



In 2012 she was fired from her equally promiscuous role as Boardwalk Empire’s Lucy Danziger—without any reason offered by HBO.

Paz hasn’t been all that lucky in love either. Back in 2003, she famously hooked up with actor Jack Nicholson, of whom she said she used to make her boyfriend jealous.

Back in 2011 she used to date Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland. Paz de la Huerta has no problem making out with women, so these days, is hard to tell who is she dating.

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