5 Facts About Saoirse Ronan’s Boyfriend Calum Lowden

Calum Lowden

Meet Callum Lowden;  brother of Dunkirk actor Jack Calum, however, what we find more interesting about Calum is that according to recent reports he is the new boyfriend of Lady Bird Saoirse Ronan.

Calum Lowden

The first thing you need to know that even though Calum’s big bro Jack was born in Essex, England, Calum was born actually born in Stockholm, Sweden, to Gordon and Jacquie Lowden.

Calum studied ballet since he was a little boy; he said he initially fell in love with dance after watching Michael Flatley in Riverdance.

“He just loved it and kept going on at us that he wanted to go to dance classes. We eventually found him a tap class. It all just went from there and he did some ballet and decided he liked doing that more than anything else. “He’s quite sporty and plays for the local football team and is captain of the rugby team, but I don’t think he’ll be doing any contact rugby when he goes to high school. I don’t think the ballet school would be too happy with that.”

He started training at Manor School and dance instructors at Scottish Ballet; continued his training at English National Ballet School and Royal Ballet School in London.

Calum was dubbed Edinburgh’s real Billy Elliot by the Scotsman in 2004, at the time he was a student at Edinburgh’s Manor School of Ballet.

Calum Lowden

Since 2016, Calum Lowden has been a 1st soloist for Royal Swedish Ballet.