Sonia Ali Beauty Blogger Kim Kardashian Look alike

Meet Sonia Ali

Sonia Ali is a beauty blogger who’s resemblance to reality star, Kim K is borderline scary. This girl could seriously be Kim’s long lost twin sister!

In a world were wanting to emulate our favorite star is nothing new, the idea of a Kim Kardashian look-alike is not that wild per se, but Sonia Ali –a beauty blogger living in Dubai –says she doesn’t copy Kim’s look intentionally, and adds she doesn’t see the similarities between Kim and herself.

According to a recent interview, Sonia Ali, she says she regularly gets confused with Kim, adding some fans have claimed she is ‘prettier than Kim’

Sonia Ali has nearly 500K followers on Instagram, that’s because she serves as a model for her sister’s make up tutorials. That could count as another fact, she has in common with Kim, they both work closely together with their sisters.

Sonia, who runs the Instagram page @soniaxfyza with her sister, make-up artist Fyza, describes herself as a ‘beauty addict’ who regularly poses for her sister and acts as her ‘muse’.


The pair really know their stuff, and not only specialize in make-overs for Middle-eastern skin but also have worked with celebrities including Naomi Harris.

The sisters split their time between London and Dubai. Sonia Alli and Fyza also run a blog where they regularly post make-up tips and product reviews. Sonia might not see it, but she does have Kim’s

full lips, chiseled cheekbones and sleek black hair.


Despite Sonia Ali telling FEMAIL, she doesn’t take inspiration on Kim’s outfits, she explained the photos where she looks more like Kim is because companies have sent her Kim-inspired outfits, and says she has only once or twice agreed to wear and advertise for them. She also blames her sister behind the make-up looks, saying Fyza likes to experiment with celebrity-inspired looks on her, and that’s why they have recreated Kim’s looks a few times.

Aside from that, Sonia Ali says she and Kim’s look are completely different because of their body types. Sonia says because of her body shape, Kim’s outfits wouldn’t flatter her. Sonia Ali claims her look is more casual than Kim’s. On their website, the sisters reveal, Fyza was trained by Kim’s make up artist while her sister (Sonia) serves as her muse.

Though Sonia Ali is not crazy about being compared to Kim, she says she appreciates what Kim has done for the dark-haired, tanned and curvy women.

You can find more shocking pictures of Sonia Ali on Instagram here.