Sexy April Love Geary: Robin Thicke’s New Model Girlfriend!

April Love Geary Robin Thicke Girlfriend pics

Sexy model April Love Geary has been taking photos inside Robin Thicke’s bedroom and posting them online. What do you known about  Thicke’s new girlfriend April Geary? Here is what we know!

The rumors about Thicke dating the young model started when TMXZ discovered the headboard and a picture on top of it in her photos actually belongs to Robin.

April Love Geary Robin Thicke Girlfriend_pic

19-year-old April Love Geary was discovered thanks to Instagram, when RVCA asked her to do a shoot for their 2014 Spring Swim Line, these days the young Cali girl from Huntington Beach is part of the beautiful models represented by IMG Models Worldwide.

April Love Geary Robin Thicke Girlfriend picturesApril Love Geary Robin Thicke Girlfriend_imagesApril Love Geary Robin Thicke Girlfriend-pics
April Love Geary Robin Thicke Girlfriend-picture

You can learn more about pretty April Geary from her bio below..

I’m April Geary. I’m eighteen years old and I live in Huntington Beach. I enjoy going to the beach, playing beach volleyball, shopping, and hanging out with friends. I love to read interesting horror stories and watch movies. I have two older half sisters by the name of Monica and Olivia and two lovely parents, Diana and Patrick Geary.

Things that interest me are horror stories/movies, paranormal phenomena, fashion, and animals! I absolutely love all types of animals. I have many pets at home, but my favorite is my English bulldog pup Winston. He’s a spunky little guy with a ton of energy! Winston is always happy and greets you with a bunch of kisses when you walk through the door.

As for goals, I’m hoping to be a very successful model, working with all the top designers all around the world.

April Love Geary Robin Thicke Girlfriend Image April Love Geary Robin Thicke Girlfriend Images

April Love Geary Robin Thicke Girlfriend photosApril Love Geary Robin Thicke Girlfriend photo

According to media April Geary and the Blurred Lines singer were first spotted together earlier this month leaving from Leo DiCaprio’s 40th birthday bash.

 April Love Geary Robin Thicke Girlfriend-pictures

Robin Thicke April Geary picRobin Thicke April GearyRobin Thicke April Geary picture

You can find April Geary on Twitter here, Instagram here and Ask here