Reshma Qureshi Acid attack Victim Rocks NY Fashion Week

Reshma Qureshi

Reshma Qureshi is one brave hearted young woman. The 19-year-old acid attack survivor from India has made her way into the ranks of top models via NY Fashion Week.

Quareshi who began making videos in an effort to stop the sale of acid was invited by a NY-based fashion production house to take part in the important event.

Reshma hopes her story will inspire other survivors. She is one of many Indian victims of horrific acid attacks. Acid attacks are sadly not uncommon in India, often targeting women in public places as a form of revenge linked to family disputes, sexism or misogyny.

However, she has refused to stay put and do nothing.

Bending traditional norms of female beauty, Reshma Qureshi has gone viral through her beauty videos. Teaming up with Make Love Not Scar, as a tactic intended to bring attention to persistent attacks against women in India.

She has been working closely with the nonprofit group in an effort to stop the acid sale.


Reshma, who is the youngest child of a taxi driver, is missing her left eye, and her skin is badly scarred. All as a result from an attack in Northern India two years ago. She was attacked in her family’s northern home state of Uttar Pradesh.

It was Reshma’s estranged brother-in-law and a group of men who held her down. The four men poured sulfuric acid on her face. Her brother-in-law was arrested after the attack.

She was born Reshma Bano Qureshi. The once pretty and out-going commerce student is believed to have been singled out because of her beauty and popularity. reshma-qureshi

In the aftermath she felt suicidal, and for a year she could think of nothing else.

The now model, campaigner, acid attack survivor made her first overseas trip to model in NY Fashion Week.

According to The Independent, the teen was selected to participate in fashion production house FTL Moda. She is currently promoting the #TakeBeautyBack campaign, in collaboration with the Global Disability Inclusion.