Rachel Taylor: plus Size Selfie Goes Viral

Meet overnight sensation Rachel Taylor! A photographer by profession, Rachel has become quite the heroine of many.

The Louisiana resident turned a negative into a positive after a bad experience regarding her weight turned her to tears!


Let’s go back to 4th of July weekend, when lovely Rachel found herself shopping at Old Navy and  overheard a teenage girl telling her mother:

“Look! Me and so-and-so can fit in this tank top!” Her mom laughed and said, “Yeah, you could! That thing is huge!”
At the time the girl was holding an oversized tank top and showing it to her mom. The top happened to be in Rachel’s size.

Rachel admits she felt so hurt she even left the store and sobbed inside her car, she eventually went back but not only she finished her shopping, she also got the top!


Rachel shared the story behind the tank-top she wore on 4th of July on Facebook, saying she got it because she “looked fierce in it” and thanking Old Navy for having clothes in all sizes.

Her picture has now been shared over 225,000 times and Old Navy have even sent her a gift card (bonus!), reports say.


Rachel is the founder and owner of Daylight Fading Photographer, LLC. She reveals on her website:

I’ve been interested in photography as long as I can remember. My favorite part of photography is getting to know my clients and seeing glimpses into their lives and families.

According to her Facebook page, she attended Block High School in Jonesville, Louisiana. She graduated in 2011 from University of Louisiana at Monroe.

She is also a married woman, her husband is Daniel Taylor. She and her hubby live in Haughton, Louisiana with their three dogs.

Find her on Instagram here.