Ania Korkh- Kate Upton’s Look-A-Like (PHOTOS)


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Model and actress Kate Upton reveals she has a stunning lookalike! She is Ania Korkh, a Russian mail-order bride, who tweeted a picture of her posing as Kate in her last Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, wearing nothing but an unzipped white ski jacket with a hood.

The impressed cover girl Kate Upton re-tweeted the photo and said the result was “amazing”.

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The tweet posted by Ania Korkh said “Me as Kate Upton”. Ania is Kate’s spitting image, she has long blonde locks and a small mole above her lip, she also has similar curves to those Kate is famous for.

ania korkh Kate Upton look alike photosPinania korkh Kate Upton look alike photoPinania korkh Kate Upton look alike picturesPin
ania korkh Kate Upton look alike-photoPin
ania korkh Kate Upton look alike-photosPin

Ania Korkh is from Mockba, Russia. She appears to jokingly refer to herself as a Russian mail order bride on her Twitter profile, where she has more than 2,600 followers.

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Ania Kate Upton doppleganger picPinAnia Kate Upton doppleganger picsPinAnia Kate Upton doppleganger picturePin
Ania Kate Upton doppleganger picturesPin

**** buxom Ania Korkh studied at the Capilano university, works as a rhythmic Gymnastic coach at Planet Rhythmic in North Vancouver, British Columbia.


It is said that every person has at least one lookalike somewhere in the world. Many Upton’s fans considered Ania of being an overnight sensation using internet for fame, forcing her to make her Twitter account private.

Ania Kate Upton dopplegangerPinAnia Kate Uptpn dopplegangerPin

ania korkh Kate Upton doppleganger photoPinania korkh Kate Upton doppleganger photosPinania korkh Kate Upton doppleganger picPin

The 20-year-old supermodel has been the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition for two years in a row. The famous picture was taken in the Antarctica, where Upton faced extremely low temperatures, as she described to People Magazine “the hardest shoot I’ve ever done.”

ania korkh Kate Upton doppleganger picsPinania korkh Kate Upton doppleganger picturePinania korkh Kate Upton doppleganger picturesPin
ania korkh Kate Upton look alike picsPin
ania korkh Kate Upton look alike picPin

Find Ania Korkh on Google+ here and follow Ania on Twitter here. Follow Kate on Twitter here.

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ania korkh Kate Upton look alike-picturePinania korkh Kate Upton look alike-picsPinania korkh Kate Upton look alike-picPin
ania korkh Kate Upton look alike-imagePin