Zoologist Dian Fossey’s Boyfriends, Lovers and more

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Google Doodle celebrate the life of the American Zoologist Dian Fossey today January 16 when she would have been celebrating her 82nd birthday. Many wonder if Dian was  married, or if she had any children, or what about a boyfriend? So let’s find out

Dian Fossey Google Doodle

Dian Fossey was 53 when she was killed inside her tend in Volcanoes Park in Rwanda on December 27, 1985,  the case of her  mysterious death remains open.


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Fossey along her dear friends Jane Goodall and Birute Galdikas have been c

alled the biggest researches of primates there has ever been, Dian’s life was brought to the big screen in 1985 with the film Gorillas in the Mist starring actress Sigourney Weaver.

Gorillas in the Mist Dian Fossey picsGorillas in the Mist Dian Fossey

Gorillas in the Mist Dian Fossey picGorillas in the Mist Dian Fossey picture

Dian Fassey dated Franz Forrester when she lived in Louisville, in the 60’s during her first visit to Africa she met Franz’ brother Alexei who she dated for a couple of years, they became engaged but the wedding never took place as Dian realized she wasn’t ready to be a housewife and leave her job with gorillas. The pair went their separate ways.

Dian Fossey National Geographic

Dian Fossey National Geographic january 1970

In 1969 she met National Geographic photographer Bob Campbell who went to Karisoke to photographed gorillas, the photos were published in the January, 1970 issue of National Geographic.

Bob campbell Dian Fossey pictureBob campbell Dian Fossey pictures

Campbell who was married at the time began an affair with Fossey  within a year of working together, he promised her he would divorce his wife, but he never did, both Fossey and Campbell became more involved in their work and eventually broke up.

It  has been reported Dian Fossey found she was pregnant  sometime in 1970 while she was getting  her Ph.D in Cambridge, she had an abortion, however we can’t confirm is the father of that unborn child was Bob Campbell, there are other reports that claimed Fossey had two abortions, the second almost ended her life.

Others suggest Dian dated many men throughout her life, but there are no records about who these men could be.