Yolanda Cerrillo–Murderer Michel Escoto Ex-girlfriend



There will finally be justice for late Wendy Trapaga who was murdered back in 2002 by her very own husband Michel Escoto; his motive? Money!

It’s been 8 years since his arrest and some still cant explain why he hasn’t gone to trial.

escoto and trapaga

Escoto who murdered his pretty wife of only four days back in 2002 sat motionless after hearing the verdict, which came 12 years later, but its finally out there and the guilty ones must pay.

Escoto, jurors agreed he savagely killed his wife by  beating her to death with a tire iron –not being enough he drowned her –so he could collect on a one million dollar insurance policy.


During the investigation it was revealed Escoto did not act alone but had the handy help of his ex-girlfriend Yolanda Cerrillo.



Yolanda met Michel at New Horizons Computer Learning Center where they both worked in 2000. They lived together for more than a year, with Michel as a father figure to Yolanda’s daughter. However, in 2002 Michel moved out after financial problems and apparently some other issues.


Yolanda A Cerrillo from Miami, FL.; is 40-years-old according to online data, she has worked at Marcum LLP prior to New Horizons and attended Nova Southeastern University. During her testimony she

told the court that she was at the crime scene when Trapaga was killed and even helped plot out her former rival’s death, she spilled the beans in exchange for immunity.

Cerrillo is a tax preparer who practiced in Homestead, FL. Her profile says, Yolanda Cerrillo is an E-filer with the ability to electronically send tax returns to the IRS, as opposed to paper filing.


After Yolanda find out her boyfriend was romantically involved with Trapaga, he convinced her it was only for the money and that he was planning to kill her. Yolanda then went along with the idea and got heavily involved. Cerrillo ground up the prescription painkillers to knock Trapaga out and even practiced with Escoto how to drown the young woman. And after Michel had murdered Wendy, Yolanda took him to the bay to dump the ****** tire iron that was used to beat Wendy to death.


Michel is currently in jail and facing life in prison. He will face a judge on May 7th for his sentencing hearing.