William Strampel’s Wife Leona Strampel

Leona Strampel

This is Leona Strampel; wife of former MSU dean William Strampel, he was the dean of the osteopathic medical school at Michigan State University and responsible for supervising Larry Nassar while he was a doctor at MSU.

Having said that and that he told a group of students and administrators that he did not believe Nassar’s accusers in 2016, you can imagine what is coming, right? Yes, this 70-year-old is too facing charges of his own.

Mrs. Strampel formerly known as Leona Jean Sather was born on November 4, 1949; she is one of three children born to Einar and Helene  (nee. Vokkers) Sather; also proud parents of her brothers Jerry and Kenneth, who was 58 when he died in March 2009.

William and Leona Strampel have three grown children; Jill, 50, Heather, 49, and Hailey, 46.