Who of these men is the Boston Marathon Attacker? Possible Suspect in Photos Revealed

boston marathon

Investigators of the Boston Marathon terror attack have narrowed in two possible suspects. A security camera at the Lord and Taylor department store in Boylston St. taped a man planting a bag with a homemade bomb near the finish line, according to police.

The two suspects were wearing sports gear, one in a black shirt and and a white cap and the other in a blue shirt, in an apparent effort to blend in with the crowd, they were both holding bags. Authorities asked federal and state agents to help identify the men in the photos, which show how one of the suspects “dashed away” moments before the explosion.

boston marathon suspect #1 photo

boston marathon suspect #2 photo

The first suspect in the black shirt is seen carrying a black backpack that looks overloaded, in the photo taken at 10:53 a.m. on Monday he is seen with it, but in another taken at 12:30 p.m. he is not. The first explosion happened just two hours later. The video obtained by the FBI shows this man using his cellphone at that moment, and 12 seconds before the second blast close to where he is standing., these two branded Bag men have been identified.

He was seen running away from the scene in the opposite direction to everyone else. He also kept running when the crowd instinctively falls to the ground or cover their ears (pictures below).

firts suspect boston marathon attackfirts suspect boston marathon attacks

suspect boston marathon attack

Authorities are investigating a combination of civilian videos as well as security camera footage from the nearby businesses. An unidentified official told The New York Times:

“It’s a crowd, there are a lot of different angles. It is not like some television-produced video — there’s a lot that isn’t clear, but most interpretations support the notion that one man is seen dropping a bag. There are several videos with people in them, and we’re looking to talk to more than one guy. It’s still very squishy but there are a lot of interesting people.”

Authorities believe the bombs were hidden in black nylon bags left in the ground, so that’s what they are looking for in the footage, according to an FBI official. Another clue in the investigation is the finding of the lid of the pressure cooker bomb, found 35 yards away from the site. At this time, no arrests have been made.

The deadly Boston Marathon blasts killed an 8-year-old boy, a 29-year-old woman, and a University of Boston grad student, and injured over 180 people.