Who is Milo Yiannopoulos’ Boyfriend?

Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannopoulos is a senior editor for Breitbart News and self described most fabulous supervillain on the internet.

The U.K. native has also been hailed as a voice of the “alt-right” movement. As such, he has made a living as a provocateur.

Milo who writes about internet culture, video games, tech, social media, the social justice phenomenon among other topics, certainly continues to be a controversial figure.

Most recently, his presentation at UC Berkeley had to be cancelled due to a violent protest . Reports say demonstrations broke out and a small group of protesters wearing black and hooded sweatshirts broke windows threw smoke bombs and flares. Yiannopoulos had to be evacuated from the building.

We’ve all  heard from Milo one way or the other, perhaps you remember he was banned from Twitter for tweeting abusive comments toward specific users, including African-American comedian Leslie Jones.

Whether you love him or you love to hate him, Milo definitely has more than a few fans and supporters. On Instagram he has an audience of 147K followers.

But what do we know about his opulent personal life?


Born October 18, 1984; Milo has been open about his sexuality as a gay man.

In 2015 while on the Joe Rogan‘s YouTube show, he said he had lost his virginity at 13. He was allegedly sodomized by a transsexual black man.

Other sites claim he is in a relationship with a Muslim man. His love life remains somewhat of a mystery since he has yet to reveal the identity of an official lover.

He has however, spoken freely about his thoughts on sex and has said he prefers the company of black man when it comes to relationships.

He also revealed he received 20K for sex while in L.A. Saying he was paid for sex two nights in a row with the same man.

He also stated last year he is sexually attracted to Donald Trump. “I call myself a Trump-sexual. I have a very antiwhite bedroom policy, but Trump is kind of like the exception to that rule,” he told the NY Times.

For the time being, it seems the 32-year-old is busy with other things in his mind, like for instance the money he raised for the charity “Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant,” and which according to the Daily Beast, he hasn’t donated any of it yet.

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