Who is Luke Evans’ Current Girlfriend? Is it Holly Goodchild? Find out!

holly goodchild and luke evans 6 pic

Wow, there have been rumors flying about Luke Evans getting married over the weekend to girlfriend Holly Goodchild, but there’s nothing solid to hold them up. Their reps have not commented on this as of today.

Another report is suggesting that they were engagement ring shopping, but we have not been able to find proof for or against the veracity of this piece of gossip.

We’ve seen pictures of Luke and Holly together earlier this year, but haven’t seen any of them together at any of the Hobbit, The Desolation of Smaug premiers. But we didn’t see him with any other date either.

What we do know is that he stated plainly in 2002, that he was gay and had been for many years. This is also stated on his Wikipedia page. Then, a few years back, he met Holly Goodchild. In 2010 Holly, a fellow native of Wales stated that she was dating Luke. She said, “Luke’s lovely- we’re really old friends and it just sort of happened…We’re nowhere near engaged but things are really good.” Before dating Luke, she was Charlotte Church’s personal assistant.

We’ve looked at their twitter accounts, and nothing there indicates that the status quo has changed. So, you be the judge. Is Luke Evans gay? Or has Holly “straighted” him out? Be sure to give us your opinion in the comments section below.