Who is Anthony Weiner’s Latest Sexting Bombshell

Anthony Weiner 51, latest sex scandal goes to show the man hasn’t learned anything in the past few years.

The politician and former U.S. Representative, served New York’s 9th congressional district from January 1999 until June 2011, after his first sexual scandal came to light.

Then in 2013 he became the joke of many and a disgraced for anyone linked to him, after he was again discovered, sexting Sydney Leathers under the alias ‘Carlos Danger.’

Thought he had to stepped down in one of the worst ways anyone could from Congress just to later see his run for NYC Mayor derailed in such a shameless and public way; you’d think the dude would never ever do it again but…think twice!

According to NY Post, Weiner –notably married to top political aide Huma Abedin and father to their son, Jordan –is sending new intimate photos to a new woman!

Since Weiner’s third and most recent, sexting scandal, reports have surfaced saying this time, Abedin has had enough and is now looking into separate from Weiner. Who could blame Abedin –known for being the closes aide to Hillary Clinton –the details of her husband’s latest indiscretion are shocking.


Mr. Weiner had exchanged suggestive images and messages with a woman while the couple’s young child was beside him! In one of the images, their son, can allegedly be seen!

The New York Post reported that Mr. Weiner had traded sexual messages with an unidentified woman last year while their 5-year-old son, Jordan, appeared to be asleep beside him.

Abedin said in a statement: “After long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, I have made the decision to separate from my husband,” “Anthony and I remain devoted to doing what is best for our son, who is the light of our life. During this difficult time, I ask for respect for our privacy.”

Abedin received harsh critics after she decided to remain with her husband and work on their marriage following the first and second time he was busted.

The identity of the woman involved has yet to be disclosed. Their interaction allegedly began on January 2015. It was Weiner who contacted her trough Twitter.

Will they new lady step forward?