Where is David Miscavige’s wife Michele Miscavige?

Michele Miscavige

Michele Miscavige, the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige, hasn’t been seen in public for years! According to reports.

Thought there has been claims of people wh have seen her, there is someone who still doesn’t know if Michelle ‘Shelly’ Miscavige is dead or alive.

Actress Leah Remini was asked “Where do you think Shelly Miscavige is?” during yesterdays episode of “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath”

The former “King of Queens” star said “I do not know that she is alive,” suggested Miscavige may be “held against her will.”

Leah first thought of Michelle Miscavige’s well being back in 2006. Ten years ago, Leah was at Tom Cruise’s wedding to Katie Holmes, according to Remini, Miscavige was nowhere to be found, and fellow guests at the wedding would not say where she was.

She went as far as filing a missing person report in 2013 –the same year she left the Church of Scientology.

However, the report was closed after detectives said they had seen Michelle Miscavige so she couldn’t be missing.

Still Leah, has her doubts as to where is David Miscavige’s wife Michele Miscavige?


Michele Diane Miscavige was born January 18, 1961 in Dallas, Texas. She is the daughter of mother Flo Barnett –a long time Scientologist; and father, Maurice Elliott Barnett. Her parents divorced. Her mother committed suicide at age 52, back in 1985.

From age 12, she was a member of the Commodore’s Messenger Organization (CMO), the internal Sea Org group.

She met fellow CMO member David Miscavige in the early 80’s. By December 1982 they had become husband and wife. Michelle was 21-years-old when they wedded.

Four years into their marriage, Michelle’s husband became Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center after the death of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Michelle Miscavige joined her husband’s group as “COB Assistant,” the official assistant to her husband, the Chairman of the Board (COB) of Scientology’s Religious Technology Center.

It’s been widely reported her husband had close ties with the church’s most famous member, Tom Cruise.

While her husband and Cruise became closer, Michelle’s role was to find a girlfriend for Cruise. When Cruise started a three-year relationship with Penélope Cruz, Miscavige supervised Cruz’s auditing and helped her through the Church’s Purification Rundown program.

She later interviewed a hundred Scientologist actresses which led to him marrying Katie Holmes.

Michelle Miscavige is said to have vanished form public view, there have been many reports saying she hasn’t been seen since 2007. It’s been also widely reported her husband David knows exactly where she has been all this time.

A former Scientologist Mike Rinder, believes Michelle Miscavige was put in a property near California’s Lake Arrowhead and which is owned by the organization.

He added the reason she was sent there is because she ‘displeased’ her husband –making executive decisions behind her husband David’s back

A Vanity Fair story from March 2014 claimed that Shelley is being kept at Twin Peaks, Rimforest, a 500-acre site that is located a little over an hour outside Los Angeles.

She has been there since 2006, but reportedly remains incredibly loyal to the Church.

How about you, where do you think Michelle Miscavige is?