Vonda Banks: NYPD Chief of Department Philip Banks’ Wife


Meet Vonda Denise Smith Banks, she is the wife of NYPD Chief of Department, Philip Banks III. A few moments ago, her  husband made the decision to retire, he took the news to his Twitter account saying



Vonda and her husband reside in St. Albans, Queens, she is the mother of the couple’s three children: Philip, Jenai, and Elijah.


Her hubby of 26-years is a 28-year veteran of the department, and was expected to become first deputy commissioner, the number two spot in the department. Sources tell YWN that Banks allegedly had a disagreement with Commissioner Bratton which led to Banks resigning.

According to the NYPD page, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly appointed Philip Banks III as the NYPD’s Chief of Department in March 2013.

Below a picture of Vonda with daughter Jenai and her youngest, Elijah, taken a few years back.


Her husband joined the New York City Police Department in July 1986, and began his career on patrol in the 81st Precinct. From then on, he held several positions always giving his best.

He was promoted to Sergeant in March 1994; Lieutenant in May 1997; Captain in September 1999; Deputy Inspector in June 2001; Inspector in December 2003; Deputy Chief in December 2006; and Assistant Chief in June 2009.

Vonda’s hubby, now 51, is a graduate from Lincoln University from where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. In 2001 he also graduated from the Police Management Institute at Columbia University.

Vonda’s father-in-law and chief Banks father, Philip Banks, Jr; retired as a lieutenant in the New York City Police Department after more than 26 years of service which included co-director of the Police Commissioner’s security detail, Executive Officer in the Bias Crimes Unit, and Commanding Officer of the Recruitment Section.

The sudden news has left the department with their jaw dropped, many police officers who did not give out their names say they were in tears after hearing the news, saying “he is the best…”

Prior to being appointed Chief of Community Affairs in July 2010, Chief Banks served as Commanding Officer of Patrol Borough Manhattan North and also commanded the 79th, 81st and Central Park precincts. He also served as Executive Officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South, and of the 73rd Precinct.

Her hubby hasn’t given much of an explanation, but Vonda will sure hear what really went down. According to online records Vonda’s relatives include Floyd Smith, Terrence Banks, Tenai Banks. She has also resided in Hollis, NY; but she is a Bronx native.

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