Victoria Pratt – Trace Adkins´ Mistress and she is also married to T.J Scott

Victoria Pratt

Meet Victoria Pratt; the Canadian actress who is currently on real-life-role as the mistress turned girlfriend? of 52-year-old country singer Trace Adkins! What started as flirtatious tweets between Pratt and country star Adkins apparently developed into something much more serious.

Radar Online reports that The National Enquirer has a new story coming out about an online relationship Adkins supposedly has with a younger Victoria Pratt. So who is the sexy Canadian blonde?

She was born Victoria Ainsle Pratt in her hometown of Chesley, Ontario December 18, 1970. Described on her online bio as a “tomboy at heart” she discover success in sports. specifically through running.

What started as running miles of country roads near her home turned quickly to Provincial, then National medals in track and field (she won a medal at the 1990 Canadian Track and Field Championships), specializing in hurdling events such as the 800, 400, and 600 meter long sprints.

But didn’t just excel at sports, Pratt graduated summa cum laude in Kinesiology at Toronto’s York University and took a 9 to 6 job like most of us but that was until she was persuaded to study acting. Prior to acting she was a fitness model, she has a blue belt in Shotokan karate and is a keen kickboxer.

She began acting in 1998, her filmography includes the science-fiction TV shows Once a Thief ; she was also Sarge in Cleopatra 2525 and Shalimar Fox in Mutant X.victoria pratt-2   You also might know her as police detective Andrea Battle from the 2006 ABC series Day Break. Did we also mention she is a married woman? Well in case we forgot, she is hitched to director T.J. Scott and the couple has been so, since 2000. She had a small part in the TJ Scott-directed CBS movie of the week, Mayday.

Adkins and Pratt met while filming The Virginian in the spring of 2013. The country crooner who until now had been happily married to wife Rhonda for the past 17-years is in the middle of separation, as Rhonda filed for papers citing “irreconcilable difference”

Any reasons on what caused the break come to mind? When Trace Adkins was on the Celebrity Apprentice, Victoria Pratt apparently sent out very flirtatious tweets, rooting him on. Radar Online reports:

When filming wrapped and he went on to star on All Star Celebrity Apprentice, Pratt was his biggest fan, eagerly tweeting recaps of the show, with flirty jibes aimed at Adkins. Soon it seems, Adkins’ wife may have become aware of their flirtation. “My Old Lady just gave me a mean look,” he tweeted on April 21. Pratt responded saucily, “Bahaha!! You’re lucky that’s all she gave you!!!”

In addition to acting, Pratt also is putting together her first novel. She previously co-authored a book about bodybuilding and fitness.