Victoria Doramus Airbnb Guest Thief

Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus is the woman who admitted to stealing pricey items on her Airbnb homeowner.

Recent reports say the blonde with model looks spent several weeks locked up for the theft of Cartier and Rolex watches, handbags, Louis Vuitton luggage and clothing.

Doramus apparently confessed to stealing from the woman who rented her Bowery apartment to her. The New York Daily News reported she spent seven weeks in Rikers Island and was released last Wednesday.

To make matters worse, Doramus also tried to pay her rent with bad checks. Assistant District Attorney Meredith Dempsey said in court that Victoria Doramus paid rent to Julie Maximova for the Bowery apartment with ‘two separate checks that bounced’.

Doramus came clean to authorities saying that she took the luxury goods and clothing from Maximova while crashing in her apartment –but not without trying to get away with it first.

At the beginning of the investigation, Doramus blamed the missing items on someone she met ‘on Craigslist’.  Back in November she told authorities ‘He came over and got my belongings mixed up with her belongings in the wrong bag,’

She later said she had sold the watched and the rest of the loot was in a storage unit she had in SoHo, police say.

The 32-year-old woman pleaded guilty to grand larceny in the third degree in exchange for a probation sentence and agreement to pay $2,400 in restitution. Doramus is also required to attend a program for mental health treatment.


It seems that Victoria has a history of getting in trouble. In November 2015, she was arrested for abusing her access to two corporate credit cards from her employer at Rubenstein Public Relations.

In the past, she had close to $20,000 accumulated in unapproved charges from vendors like Amazon.


According to IMDb, she worked as a production assistant for the 2010 TV show, ‘Fly girls.’

The blonde has a couple of Twitter accounts, which you can check out here and here –that lead to the same Instagram account.

On the latter she has over a thousand followers and says on her bio ‘only impressed with new money.’

A few weeks ago she posted a throwback photo on Instagram claiming she had auditioned as a Fox News correspondent.

According to her lawyer Doramus has had emotional and psychological problems that have led to a drug dependency.