Viana Janae Jones- Got Catfished Into Fake Sleepover at Selena Gomez by Bitter Ex Boyfriend

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Catfished: (catfishing) the act of setting up and running a false puppet social networking identity profile for fraudulent or deceptive purposes.

Well, according to wikipedia’s definition of “catfished” that is exactly what happened to Viana Janae Jones.

In January, she began corresponding with who she thought was Selena Gomez. “Selena” reached out to her, told her she had seen her dance videos online and wanted her to be one of her backup dancers.

After months of correspondence online, which included being offered a choreography job on the tour, Viana finally received an invite to hang with Gomez at her Los Angeles home.

An address in hand, she convinced her mother to come with her to meet the Pop Star for a girls weekend, which she’s now conceded “seemed too good to be true.”

Traveling from Fresno, Calif., the mother-daughter duo spent hundreds of dollars on the July 28 trip, only to find out once they were outside Gomez’s home that they’d been catfished.

Viana’s dreams of meeting Gomez were crushed when she received an email just as they were pulling up to the home stating the entire meeting – and months-long friendship –was an elaborate hoax and that she was pathetic that any of it could be real. Viana said that her ex boufriend, who she wouldn’t name was behind the whole scam.

They had brought Selena a birthday present and presents for her newborn sister. “Though we were glad her mom accepted the gifts, we left humiliated and didn’t get to meet Selena,” said Viana.

When things seem to good to be true, they usually are!

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