Vanessa Trump’s High School Boyfriend Valentin Rivera

Valentin Rivera

Valentin Rivera has been revealed as the high school boyfriend of Vanessa Trump, the estranged wife of Donald Trump Jr.

Valentin and Vanessa were tight during their high school days and is believed he was her very first love. The blonde was so into Valentin, she didn’t care he was sent to jail to serve a 16-month prison sentence for assault. At the time, Rivera was a member of a notorious and violent street gang known as the Latin Kings street gang.

Vanessa then wrote a letter to her boyfriend while he was behind bars. Rivera himself showed the love note during an interview with media outlets and its content it’s pretty shocking. At the time 15-year-old Vanessa Haydon, said to Rivera, she dreamed of having children with him after her 18-birthday.

Valentin Rivera

She even had a plan of when their baby would be born writing

“I miss you a lot, especially since it’s my birthday coming up. And I wish you were here to celebrate with me. But you’ll be out for my 18th birthday.” “I can’t wait till that year because a lot’s going to happen. My 18th birthday, you’ll be back in my arms, my prom, and I want to get pregnant and have a baby with you after January. I want to get pregnant so the baby is born after I graduate since it takes 9 months.”

According to Page Six, the in loved teen, wrote nearly a dozen prison letters to Rivera –who during his stay, joined the Latin King gang.

The relationship began after the two met when they were in elementary school at P.S. 158 on the Upper East Side. They dated for about five years but Rivera broke up with her after he found out she had cheated on him with Leo DiCaprio.

Since then, Rivera was in and out of prison but was able to leave the gang lifestyle and now has a family of his own. He says the Vanessa we see with Trump isn’t the Vanessa he knew. He remembers her as a much stronger, independent and fiery woman; a fighter with big dreams.

He remembers Vanessa displayed some violent behavior during their relationship as she engaged in fights while attending Upper West Side prep school Dwight and tells she gave him an album which read “‘This is so you can remember me when I become famous.’”

Valentin Rivera ended the interview whishing her happiness in the next chapter of her life.