Treva Terrell Gray Richmond Spree Ricky Gray’s Wife

Treva Terrell Gray

Treva Terrell Gray was the woman who married Richmond killer, Ricky Gray, also becoming his first victim. Treva’s husband is guilty of killing at least 7 people including a complete family of four.

More than a decade ago, the body of Treva Terrell Gray was found beaten to death. Six months prior to she had married, convicted robber and drug dealer, Ricky Gray.

Accoridng to Treva’s family she and her husband fought all the time so for them it was clear from the beginning Ricky Gray was the perpetrator.

Treva and Ricky had been prison pen pals when they married in April, 2005. The couple lived in a house owned by her family. Treva’s dead body was found by a random person passing by Brookside Avenue in Washington, Pennsylvania on November 5, 2005.

Treva Terrell Gray was beaten with a pipe, suffocated and dumped atop a hill. She was 35 and the mother of four sons.


Treva Terrell was the daughter of Marna Squires –who told detectives she had seen claw marks on Ricky Gray’s forearm the day Treva’s body was found. Mrs. Squires also told police her daughter intended to divorce Gray.

However, no homicide investigation was launched until after Gray’s confession.


Over the following weeks, Ricky Javon Gray and his nephew, Ray Dandridge went on a killing spree in Pennsylvania and Virginia. The two men grew up together in Arlington, Va., committed a string of robberies in 1995 and followed Mrs. Gray to Pennsylvania after their release from prison in 2005.

Just a few weeks after the death of Treva, Ricky Gray was charged with robbing, slicing the throats and setting fire to rock musician Bryan Harvey, 49; his wife, Kathryn, 39, and their daughters, Stella, 9, and Ruby, 4, in the family’s home. Gray received the death sentence for the murder of the Harvey family.


Dandridge was charged with binding and suffocating Ashley Baskerville, 21(pictured above); her mother, Mary Baskerville-Tucker, 46; and stepfather, Percyell Tucker, 55, on Jan. 6. Investigators believe Ms. Baskerville had been an accomplice of Mr. Gray and Mr. Dandridge’s.

Ray Dandridge, was sentenced to life in prison. Gray was also involved in their murders.

Gray also confessed to the killing of his wife, Treva Terrell Gray saying he had beaten her while Dandridge held her down.

Ricky Gray pleaded not guilty, and his defense team sought leniency by presenting evidence of physical and sexual abuse during childhood as well as PCP use during the commission of the crimes.

In August 2006, a jury found Gray guilty on five capital murder charges after four days of trial and 30 minutes of deliberation. Ricky Gray is scheduled to be put to death on Jan. 18.