Travis Kalanick’s List of Girlfriends

Travis Kalanick

Travis Kalanick was until June 21, 2017, the CEO of Uber.  The Jewish computer programmer also co-founded Red Swoosh a file sharing company, his net worth was estimated at $6.3 Billion in March 2017. For a short period of time, he was Economic Advisor to President Trump Council.

He couldn’t handle the pressure of the council after he expressed his opposition to President Trump’s executive order banning travel, and eventually resigned; pressure also pushed him to step down as CEO of Uber and while he has dated women for years, he has married neither of those women.  Check out the women in Travis Kalanick’s life.

The first woman in Kalanick’s life is certainly his mother; Bonnie Renee Horowitz Kalanick (nee Bloom). Bonnie worked in Los Angeles in retail advertising; her husband Donald was a civil engineer. Mrs. Kalanick was 71 years old when she died in a boating accident on May 26, 2017, in California.

Bonnie and Donald longtime boaters, hit a rock in Pine Flat Lake in Fresno County, California and their boat sank; Bonnie died at the scene, Donald was rushed to the hospital with moderate injuries.

Travis Kalanick

In addition to his mother, Travis has one half-sister; Anji Arm, she is the mother of Disney’s actress Allisyn Ashley Arm who starred as Zora Lancaster on Sonny with a Chance.

Angie You

Kalanick first dated Angie You, 44. Ms. You who is still a close friend of his, was the person with whom he bought a condo located in the upper hills of the city’s Castro section. Angie who speaks to Travis on a regular basis recalled the time when her former flame got in trouble for his anti-authoritarianism ways.

One night several years ago, he was out at a San Francisco club with his friend Sean Parker. As the club was closing, Kalanick waited for Parker on the sidewalk. The bouncers told him to move, but instead, he stood at the edge of the boundary they’d demarcated, insisting, “I’m not breaking the law. You tell me how I’m breaking the law,” recalls a former girlfriend, Angie You. The bouncers had the cops take him in — and Parker put up the $2,000 to bail him out.

Gabi Holzwarth

Sexy Violinist

In 2013, Travis Kalanick started dating Silicon Valley violinist Gabi Holzwarth, 27; she is also known as The Violin Girl of Silicon Valley. Gabi born to Chinese/ American parents graduated from UC Davis with a history major; she has spoken about her struggles with violence, sexual abuse, and eating disorders.

Travis Kalanick

Violent fights between my parents, plates, punches were thrown, tears and screams rang throughout the house. My mom would always take the keys and leave — I never thought she was coming back.”

She further added, “When I was 10, I was sexually abused by my tennis instructor but I didn’t tell anybody because I was embarrassed. When I was 15, the eating disorder got really bad. I took a glass one day and I smashed it into my dad’s head and he punched me in the face. He went to the hospital to get stitches and I walked around with a black eye.”

Holzwarth once said Travis helped her overcome bulimia.

“I told him absolutely everything and that I was 30 pounds underweight. Then I wrote a Facebook post, it got hundreds of likes, it said ‘I’m going to have to stop playing gigs for a while, I have to recover.’ I was crying when I wrote it, feeling so relieved to have this out in the open.” She further added, “’Travis, he’s been so helpful in my recovery. He’s been such a rock. That’s a side that no one really sees about him.”

Gabi and Travis split up in August 2016. In March 2017, she spoke About Uber’s Sexist Culture.

“You go to an event and there’s just a bunch of models they’ve flown in,” Holzwarth, 27, told HuffPost. “That’s what they like to play with. That’s pretty much it.”

It wasn’t a good situation for Holzwarth, who’s dealt with eating disorders for years.

“As a woman struggling with my own insecurities and body image, the best thing for me was to leave that unhealthy world of impossible standards,”

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