Travers Beynon: Tobacco Tycoon/ The Candyman

Meet Travers Beynon, an Australian wealthy tobacco tycoon who’s being criticized for posting pictures depicting half-naked women used as furniture and his extravagant lifestyle.

All you need is to take a look at his Instagram account to understand why Beynon is dubbed Australia’s Hugh Hefner! Travers’ company, the Freechoice tobacconist, runs more than 200 stores around the country.


Benyon who lives in a $3.7 million mansion in an exclusive region of the Gold Coast calls it The Candy Shop Mansion.

In it, he hosts parties packed with bikini models, did we mention is the same place where he and his family lives! That is also where half-naked women audition to be his “angels.”

According to the Daily Mail, The Candyman leads his wife around their mansion on a LEASH. Travers is married to second wife Taesha, with whom he shares two children.



Taesha’s grandparents have shown concern for the environment Travers has created for his family, saying: “We’re shattered.”


He was previously married to Miss World 1991, Ninibeth Leal with whom he also has two children.


Before all the money, booze, sports cars and scantily clad women came to his life, the now father of four, used to be a model and Australian Football League star. He and his current wife met when she was 18-years-old.

In a statement to Gold Coast Bulletin, he describes himself as a “family man” who is “dedicated to hard work and helping others.”