The Tragic Life of Lisa Marie Velasquez

Lisa Marie Velasquez

Lisa Marie Velasquez has been identified as the Bronx woman who was found butchered in garbage bags.

25-year-old Lisa Marie, a pretty young woman from the Bronx was last seen by relatives at her grandmother’s apartment last week; when she barged in, grabbed her bag and said she had to go help a friend. However she never returned.

Relatives even posted a flyer on Facebook after she disappeared. Authorities believe she was killed by the boyfriend of her friend. According to reports, Daquan Wheeler and Ciara Martinez may have been involved in a domestic dispute and when Lisa Marie Velasquez tried to intervene she was killed.

Police believes Wheeler hit Velasquez in the head with a hammer. The medical examiner confirmed that Velasquez died of “multiple blunt impact injuries” to her skull.

Lisa Marie Velasquez

Lisa Marie Velasquez’s head and torso were found in two garbage bags in Crotona Park, last Friday. Four days later, her remains were found beneath the Tiffany Street Pier in two different bags. Passersby spotted her left leg jutting out of a bag, while a second bag contained her right arm and leg.

Both Daquan Wheeler and Ciara Martinez are facing charges of murder, manslaughter, concealment of a human corpse, tampering with physical evidence and criminal possession of a weapon.

According to Lisa Marie Velasquez’s aunt, the 25-year-old experienced a number of tragedies in her short life. Lisa Marie’s mother, Marilyn Ginel was violently killed by her partner, at the time Ginel was pregnant and a then 12-year-old Lisa Marie witnessed the whole thing.

Now if police is right, Lisa Maria Velasquez was killed by her best friend’s boyfriend at her best friend’s apartment.