Top Facts About Hollywood Ripper Michael Gargiulo

Michael Gargiulo

Michael Gargiulo who is dubbed the Hollywood Ripper has been found guilty of brutally killing two women and the attempted murder of another over a decade ago.

Gargiulo who viceiously killed at least two women faces a maximum sentence of life in prison without parole.
Check out his top facts.

#1 One of his victims was actor Ashton Kutcher’s ex-girlfriend

Michael is guilty of the murder of Ashley Ellerin whom he stabbed 47 times just hours before she was about to go on a date with the actor. Ellerin’s injuries included a neck wound that nearly severed her head, and deep punctures to the chest, stomach, and back that in some cases were up to six inches deep.
Ellerin missed a date with Kutcher, who had invited her to an after-party for the Grammy Awards. When she didn’t show up, Kutcher went to her home and peered inside.

#2 He is a native of Georgia

Michael Thomas Gargiulo was born February 15, 1976; in Glenview, Illinois. Gargiulo moved to Los Angeles in 1998, allegedly to escape scrutiny from police in Illinois.

#3 His first victim could be Tricia Pacaccio

In 1993 his neighbor named as 18-year-old Tricia Pacaccio was found stabbed to death on her back-door stoop. Gargiulo was a suspect, but police could not find enough evidence to charge him.

#4 His other victim was named as Maria Bruno

On December 1, 2005, Gargiulo allegedly stabbed his neighbor, Maria Bruno, to death at her home in El Monte, California. She was stabbed 17 times.

#5 He tried and failed to kill Michelle Murphy

On April 28, 2008, Gargiulo allegedly attempted to murder his neighbor, Michelle Murphy, in her home in Santa Monica on April 28, 2008. She fought off the attack, and blood matching Gargiulo’s DNA was found at the scene.

#6 There may be more victims

Gargiulo allegedly told authorities in the Los Angeles County Jail that just because 10 women were killed — and his DNA was present — doesn’t mean he murdered anyone, leading investigators to believe that there are more victims.

#7 He was dubbed Hollywood ripper

Media in Los Angeles dubbed Gargiulo the “Hollywood Ripper” as well as the “Chiller Killer.”

#8 He says he is innocent

“My truth is being 100 percent innocent, being wrongfully charged,” Gargiulo told 48 Hours back in 2011.

#9 His trial began in Los Angeles in May

Gargiulo, who had effectively avoided authorities for years, was finally arrested in 2008 for the attempted murder of his Santa Monica neighbor, Michelle Murphy.
A pre-trial hearing was held June 9, 2017 in Los Angeles Superior Court with his trial scheduled to begin in October 2017. After delays, his trial began on May 2, 2019. In May 2019.
The 43-year-old was charged with the murders of Ashley Ellerin and Maria Bruno, in addition to the attempted murder of Michelle Murphy in 2008.

#10 He used his job to get close to his victims

Gargiulo is said to have used his job as an air-conditioning repairman and handyman to gain entry into his victim’s homes and lives, only to stalk them and wait for a chance to ambush them in the middle of the night at their own homes.