Top 10 Facts about WhatsApp’ Founder Brian Acton

whatsapp Brian acton

Who is the newest billionaire in town? that would be Whatsapp’ co-founder Brian Acton, who  sold his business to Facebook for $19 billion, Mark Zuckerberg will give Brian and partner in crime Jan Kaum $12 billion in Facebook shares, $3 billion in restricted stocks and $4 billion in cash. Want to know  a few interesting  things about Brian? Check this top facts about Mr. Acton

#1 He was born Brian Lange Acton

Brian Acton Whatsapp bio

#2 Acton was born in Michigan in 1972 to Norma Acton.

Norma Acton Brian acton mom

#3 He studied engineering at the University of Central Florida and graduated in 1988

University of central florida brian acton picUniversity of central florida brian acton

#4 In 1991 graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where he studied computer science and economics.

Brian Acton University of Pennsylvania picBrian Acton University of Pennsylvania

#5 Acton received his BS in Computer Science from Stanford University in 1994

Stanford University Brian acton

#6 In May, 1992 got a job at Rockwell International as Systems administrator

Rockwell international Brian Acton

#7 The year after that  became a hardware test engineer at Apple, left in May, 1994 and came back in August as Software engineer.

Brian Acton Apple

#8 In May, 1994 became a QA engineer at Adobe

Brian Acton Adobe

#9 Brian became Yahoo! employee #44 in 1996, worked as Software engineer, then senior software engineer, principal software engineer, director of engineering, VP of engineering and left Yahoo! Inc in October, 2007

Brian Acton Yahoo

#10 Co-Founded WhatsApps in November, 2009, we suspect Brian Acton is married to a pretty lady name Nancy.

Brian Acton Whatsapp photos

Brian Acton is on Twitter here and Facebook here