Top 10 Facts about Gwyneth Paltrow’s Alleged Affair Jeff Soffer

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10. Jeff Soffer is from Miami and considered royalty there.

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9. Gwyneth was married to Cold Play’s Chris Martin and had two children at the time of the alleged affair. (2008).

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8. Jeff had Gwyneth flown into Miami for the re-opening of his hotel Fontainebeau that year.

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7. Jeff inherited his billions from his father, Donald Soffer, who originally founded Florida real estate company Turnberry Associates which extends to places in the U.S. like Las Vegas, Orland, Arlington and also in the Bahamas.

6. During the time of the Miami trip, Gwyneth stayed at Jeff’s house.

5. He and Gwyneth attended a Victoria’s Secret Party together.

While she was in Miami, at the VS party, they remained in a closed-off private section.

4. At the re-opening of the hotel (2008) Jeff gave Gwyneth a private tour.

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He whisked her away in his Bentley, and she joined him on his yacht the following day.

3. At the time of the alleged affair, Gwyneth’s marriage was rather rocky.

There was much speculation that Chris and Gwyneth wouldn’t make it together through the year.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow’s rep has denied the affair.

He says it’s one big lie, that they are only good friends.

1.   Jeff Soffer is now married to Elle McPherson

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This year, in July, Jeff and Elle were married.