Who is Tommy “Tiny” Lister’s Girlfriend?

Tommy “Tiny” Lister

Tommy “Tiny” Lister, the 60-year-old actor and occasional wrestler got into a fight with his girlfriend and cops had to be called.

The Compton native born Thomas Duane Lister Jr. on June 24, 1958 –is known for playing the bad guy, he’s been active since the mid 80’s and has enjoyed of a remarkable career — for over 30 years, 176 acting credits in all, with work alongside icons like Marlon Brando, Tupac Shakur, Bruce Willis, Hulk Hogan, and even the late king of pop, Michael Jackson.

Tommy Tiny Lister

Once ashamed of his right eye –he was born blind with a detached and deformed retina –later in his career he figured out it became his trademark in Hollywood. He began his career playing the role of the neighborhood bully Deebo in the Friday trilogy series of movies. He later appeared as President Lindberg in The Fifth Element. He also had a short-lived professional wrestling career after appearing as Zeus in Hogan’s movie No Holds Barred.

He appeared in numerous guest appearances in TV series, including playing Klaang in the pilot episode of Star Trek: Enterprise. In addition he performed a cameo as a prisoner in The Dark Knight. He can also be seen as Sancho in the music video for Sublime’s song “Santeria”

Tommy who is a born-again-Christian, was married to Felicia Forbes with whom he has a daughter. However, according to reports he and his baby mama are currently separated.

He is currently in another relationship with an unnamed woman. This was revealed after he and his new woman were involved in a domestic dispute –in which police showed up after his girlfriend’s live stream captured him arguing with her. The incident took place in Chandler, Arizona and no one was arrested.

During the argument, Tiny tries to swipe the phone away several times but he told outlets he did not hit his girlfriend. In the end, neither party wanted to press charges. So it looks like a happy ending, yes?

This might be a new relationship for Tiny who is yet to reveal the identity of his new conquest on social media where the 6’5″ actor/minister is pretty active. Question remains, who is Tommy “Tiny” Lister’s Girlfriend?

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