TobyMac’s Wife Amanda Levy McKeehan

Amanda Levy McKeehan

Amanda Levy McKeehan is the longtime wife of singer-songwriter producer, Toby McKeehan -best known by his stage name TobyMac.

Amanda’s husband is a well known Christian recording artist. Her man rose to fame in the 1990’s with his group DC Talk. TobyMac was in the band DC Talk alongside Michael Tait and Kevin Max.

Amanda and Mac have been together for many years, want to know more about her? Keep reading below.

Toby Mac Wife

To talk about Tobymac’s wife, we first need to talk about Tobymac.

Born Toby Mckeehan on October 22, 1964; the Fairfax, Virginia native is better known to the public as TobyMac. He graduated from Liberty University.
He rose to fame for performing in the Christian group, DC Talk and has since released eight studio albums in his solo career.
The first TobyMac solo album, Momentum, was released in 2001. A mixture of urban rock and rap, it garnered five Dove Awards and a Grammy nomination.
He has sold over ten million records between the two projects and has been signed to ForeFront Records and EMI CMG.

Toby has been extremely successful in his solo career, he had five singles stand at number one on the Christian Billboard charts, and he received a Grammy in 2013 for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album.

He released his most recent work in 2018, ‘The Elements’ -which landed on top of the Christian albums chart and cracked the Top 20 of the Billboard 200.

To this day, TobyMac has 3 Grammy Awards to his credit, two Billboard Music Awards and one American Music Award.

In addition to his music, he is also an author penning several Christian books including a book called City on Our Knees. He’s also co-authored several books with writers Michael Tait and Kevin Max.

However, he certainly couldn’t have made it all by himself. Through the ups and downs, his lovely wife Amanda has been there as his companion and main source of support.

Who is Toby Mac’s Wife?

Toby Mac Wife,Amanda Levy McKeehan

Amanda and her musician husband have been married for over two decades. TobyMac and Amanda Levy McKeehan have been married since 1994.

Amanda has certainly been a source of inspiration for her husband. Online sources reveal the tune “Made For Me” chronicles the love-at-first-sight courtship of Toby and his wife Amanda. Speaking about the song Toby revealed “I stand in awe that I have this amazing woman as my wife.”

That said, there is no perfect relationship, in fact Toby has even sung about their differences. He added:

“We’re opposites in a way and see things very differently. She’s from a third-world country and I grew up just outside of Washington, D.C., in Virginia. She’s a morning person; I’m a night person,” “But we are committed to laying down our minor differences and holding on to what brings us together.”

During the same interview, Tobymac explained why he and wife Amanda work, saying:

“There are many times my wife and I are sitting there, with a wall between us, trying to figure out how we can get back to being unified. Inevitably, what penetrates the wall is that we both want the same thing: preserving our love, our family and our faith in God. We are on the same side”

TobyMac and wife Amanda have welcomed five children together, including a pair of adopted twins. Their first child, Truett was born in 1998; they are also parents to twins Moses and Marlee, and sons, Leo and Judah.
The couple adopted twins Moses and Marlee in 2002. Their fourth child is son, Leo McKeehan, born in 2004. The duo’s last born is Judah McKeehan, who was born in 2006.

Marlee Mckeehan

The story of the couple’s twins goes a little like this. Amanda wasn’t getting pregnant after the birth of their first child in 1998. They went to the doctor who wanted to do exploratory surgery on Amanda but they called off the surgery and prayed instead.

They had actually been praying for twins when a few days later they were approached by a stranger outside of church who said to them there was a set of twins who needed a home. The couple was dumbfounded.
Then a roller coaster of emotions followed after the birthmother later went back on her word breaking the couple’s heart. The couple prayed again and a few weeks later the twins’ mom called and apologized.

Toby and wife Amanda, already felt like the parents of the twins and after Amanda inexplicably became pregnant twice years later, they were convinced that God intended for the twins to be with them.

Toby Mac Wife,Amanda Levy McKeehan

It is believed that Marlee was named after after one of Toby’s chief influences, reggae icon Bob Marley.

Moses Mckeehan

Son Mosses suffers from muscular dystrophy, which was diagnosed around 2015.

Toby Mac Wife,Amanda Levy McKeehan

It requires the parents to provide 24-hour care. He is in a wheelchair full time and his life expectancy reaches only into the early 20s.

What happened to Toby Mac’s son?

The couple who shared five children, sadly lost son, Truett in October of 2019. Truett McKeehan was 21-years-old. He was found dead at home in Nashville.

Toby Mac Wife,Amanda Levy McKeehan

Truett Foster Mckeehan was the couple’s eldest child, he was born in 1998 and like his father, he was also a musician.
The aspiring rapper went by the names Truett Foster, TRU, Shiloh and truDog online and collaborated with his father on a few tracks.
The cause of death was deemed as ‘accidental overdose’ of fentanyl and amphetamines.
Just days prior to his passing, Truett had held his first show at the Factory in Franklin, Tennessee.

Amanda Mckeehan

Amanda Levy McKeehan is a native of Jamaica who was born January 9, 1971. She is the daughter of Judy Levy and Robert Levy.

Toby Mac Wife,Amanda Levy McKeehan

Amanda Levy McKeehan certainly keeps busy caring for her children.

Amanda Levy McKeehan told ‘Focus on the Family’ during an interview that in the first year of the couple’s marriage she told her husband

“I hate living in this country! I’m going home!”

Amanda added she soon realized

“I had to decide in that moment that this was now my home, this culture was my culture, his life was my life”

They worked things out and they have now been married for over two decades, 26-years to be exact.

The dedicated spouse and full time mother is best known as her husband’s wife.
Amanda has made short appearances in Toby Mac’s music videos. According to an article, she became a US citizen in 2007.
The family is currently based in Nashville, however they often travel to Jamaica ‘to rest’

What ethnicity is Amanda Levy McKeehan?

The celebrity spouse, Amanda was actually born in Jamaica, so she is Jamaican-American. She is currently 49-years-old and has been living in the US since the 90’s.

Toby Mac Family

Now we want to talk about Tobymac’s extended family and that would include his in-laws. His beloved wife Amanda, is the daughter of admired businessman, Robert Levy and Judy Levy.

In 2014, Robert Levy chairman of the Jamaica Broilers Group, was honored with the prestigious 2014 International Humanitarian Award.

He’s been recognized for his generosity of spirit, genuine concern for the welfare of his fellowmen, ethical business practices, dedicated service to the advancement of the livestock industry, and contribution to nation building.

Robert levy

Robert Levy is a graduate of the Harvard Business School.

Toby Mac Wife,Amanda Levy McKeehan

According to his bio, his longstanding, passionate commitment to the agricultural industry in Jamaica, has made him a distinguished expert in livestock and crop production.
He joined the Jamaica Broilers Group in 1959 and worked his way up in several roles. He was named CEO in 1994, President and CEO in 2001 and to his current position as Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2009.

Judy Levy

Judy Levy and her husband Robert Levy have been married since 1964.
In addition to Amanda, they raised three other now adult children, Christopher, Wendy and Stephen.

Toby Mac Age

Toby McKeehan whose real name is Kevin Michael McKeehan, was born October 22, 1964. That would make him currently a 56-year-old man.

What is TobyMac net worth?

According to online sources, Toby’s net worth has been estimated to be around the $10 million mark. His wealth comes from his decade long career in the music business, and his different roles as singer-songwriter, author, record producer, rapper, music artist and actor.