Theresa Forbes murder suspect Chanel Lewis’ sister

Theresa Forbes

Theresa Forbes has come forward in defending her younger brother, Chanel Lewis after he was charged for the high profile murder of jogger, Karina Vetrano.

Over the weekend her 20-year-old brother, Chanel Lewis was arrested and arraigned after overwhelming evidence linked him to the brutal murder of miss Vetrano.

Karina was found lifeless in a Howard Beach marsh after she went out for a jog back in August 2016. Six months later, investigators have no doubts about Lewis’s involvement in the murder case.

Despite making incriminating statements and that his voluntary DNA sample matches DNA recovered from the crime scene, Lewis’ family are still in disbelief.

The suspect’s family refuses to accept it and today Lewis’s sister,Theresa Forbes, came up with her own theory telling outlets, insisting, her brother is being framed by the NYPD.

36-year-old Theresa Forbes was quoted saying:

He was a saint. He would never take another person’s life.

Theresa and her family are maintaining Chanel’s innocence and say that evidence against him has been concocted by investigators, because he is a black kid and said DNA sometimes lies.

Mrs. Forbes elaborated:

“We’re not killers, we’re church people. The DNA lies sometimes. They wanted to get confirmation so they framed him for murder. My family, we are God-fearing people. The Bible tells us ‘Do not kill.’ We do not kill”


Reports of Chanel having a hate towards women and wanting to bring a ‘knife to school to stab all the girls’ have also been released and have not helped his criminal profile.

About that report, Theresa Forbes –who is Chanel Lewis’ half sister –said her brother:

“did not have any problem with women’ adding “He has nieces, and he played with them”

She also noted her brother had regular school problems and said that her ‘skinny’ siblings couldn’t have kill a strong person like Vetrano.

However, it was Chanel Lewis himself who told detectives that he killed Karina Vetrano, 30, after he happened to encounter her in Howard Beach, Queens, on Aug. 2.

Channel is yet to be clear about his motive, telling investigators he was just in a bad mood and that he snapped.

Theresa Forbes said to the Vetrano family she was sorry for their loss but that they had the wrong person in custody.