Terri Barton Rep. Joe Barton’s Wife

Terri Barton

Terri Barton is the loving and supportive wife of Congressman Joe Barton –the senior House Republican who had to apologize for a sexually explicit photo that wound up on the internet.

Terri’s husband is the longest-serving member of the Texas congressional delegation and was the Energy and Commerce Committee chairman when President George W. Bush was in the White House.

He is currently the senior Republican and serves as Vice Chairman of the full Energy and Commerce Committee. In the 115th Congress, Barton serves as the Dean of the Texas Delegation and is the 9th most senior Member of the House.

However, is his personal life what is being question at the moment. Born on September 15, 1949 in Waco, Texas; Joe Barton earned a four-year Gifford-Hill Opportunity Award scholarship to Texas A&M University, where he was the outstanding industrial engineering student for the Class of 1972. After earning a Master’s of Science degree in Industrial Administration from Purdue University, he joined Ennis Business Forms, where he rose to the position of Assistant to the Vice President.

In the early 80’s he returned to Texas as a natural gas decontrol consultant for Atlantic Richfield Oil and Gas Company before being elected to Congress.

Terri Barton

To talk about Barton’s private life is to talk about his past and current partners. He divorced his first wife, Janet Sue Winslow in 2003 and his second wife two years ago. Joe and Janet Sue Winslow were married from 1979 until their 2003 divorce.

He wedded Terri Barton in 2004 and the couple divorced in 2015. According to his website, Joe is the father of four children and also has five grandchildren.

Terri Barton made headlines in 2006, after it was revealed her husband had used campaign money to pay family members. Terri reportedly received more than $57K during the 2006 election cycle. During the 2008 election cycle, Terri Barton received another, $27, 576.

At the time it was said, Terri was paid for her work as the campaign’s outreach director. She was also in charge of fund raising and special events planning.

According to her LinkedIn, Terri Barton currently serves as director of strategic marketing at LifePoint Health in Texas since 2016. She initially joined Ennis Regional Medical Center as Director of Marketing and Physician Relations in 2011. In July 2016, Terri was named Director of Marketing for three Texas hospitals within LifePoint Health including Ennis Regional Medical Center, Palestine Regional Medical Center, and Parkview Regional Hospital.

Terri Barton received a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Communication and Marketing from The University of Texas at Austin. She received her Master of Business Administration from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas.

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